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  • Light Weight, Easy To Transport
    Light Weight, Easy To Transport
    The beneficiation spiral chute, spliced plastic parts, light weight, convenient for the transportation of loose parts, and save logistics costs
  • Service Life, High Performance
    Service Life, High Performance
    Special material engineering plastic, wear-resistant, weather-resistant and non-deformed, which can not only ensure a long service life, but also can maintain high performance
  • Original Trough Structure
    Original Trough Structure
    The working face of the spiral channel has an original groove structure, and the beneficiation effect is equivalent to the shaking table, but the hourly processing capacity is several times that of the shaking table
  • Can Adapt To Harsh Environments
    Can Adapt To Harsh Environments
    It can adapt to the harsh climate environment, and the ambient temperature can operate normally from -20°C to +80°C
  • Alternative Part Process
    Alternative Part Process
    It can replace part of the chemical beneficiation process, and there is a huge market opportunity for technological transformation of the backward process that is common in domestic and foreign beneficiation plants

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