Профессиональный спиральный концентратор, спиральный желоб, спиральный сепаратор производитель в Китае - Alicoco

Спиральный концентратор
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1.Will the seams between the splicing parts of the working channel affect the beneficiation effect?
The splicing joints of the components are very precise and the slurry flows smoothly, which will not affect the beneficiation.Question: Does the operation of splicing and assembling the whole machine require professionals?
2.Does the operation of splicing and assembling the whole machine require professionals?
We can provide a demonstration video of the actual process of assembling the USB flash drive, or send someone to guide the assembly on site. A migrant worker can basically learn to assemble in 2 hours.
3.Can you provide technical advisory services for beneficiation? Or provide technical contracting services?
It depends on the specific situation. We can assist customers to solve technical problems of general difficulty and provide long-term technical services.


1.Special material engineering plastic, wear-resistant, weather-resistant and non-deformed, which can not only ensure a long service life, but also can maintain high performance
2.It can replace part of the chemical beneficiation process, and there is a huge market opportunity for technological transformation of the backward process that is common in domestic and foreign beneficiation plants.
3.The beneficiation spiral chute, spliced plastic parts, light weight, convenient for the transportation of loose parts, and save logistics costs
4.It can adapt to the harsh climate environment, and the ambient temperature can operate normally from -20°C to +80°C

About Alicoco

ALICOCO Gravity mineral processing Equipments, spiral concentrator, is our company has developed a successful international advanced level of patent new equipment, respectively, used to select the size of 2.0 mm ~ 0.02 mm grain size range of Iron, Tin, Tungsten, Scheelite, Tantalum / Niobium, Gold, Coal, Ilmenite, Monazite, Rutile, Zircon, Quartz sand, Barite , Garnet, Rare Earth and other metals /non-metallic minerals with sufficient specific gravity difference. The Equipment Occupies small area , small power consumption , stable dressing process , convenient easy operation , reliable operation , high enrichment , high recovery rate , strong adaptability to fluctuating supply conditions , which are physical dressing , no chemicals and environmentally friendly .

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