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Concentrateur en spirale

Ore was processed by crushing to p100@1.2mm and passed through a gravity spiral circuit.The tails were screened, with the fines subjected to froth flotation.The gravity and flotation concentrates were combined into a single concentrate.The results are summarised below:

Combined Gravity + Float Con13917332692.114.534.340.292.4
Float Tails22327.3502.667.730.90.723
Cydone Tails44454.3705.369.5764.30.864.6

The key outcomes are:

High cobalt recovery to concentrate of 92%from the ore
High recovery of cobalt achieved with coarse crush sizeof 1.2mm and gravity separation, indicating low capital and operating costs compared to fine mil ng and floating the entire ore
Cobalt Blues Feasi bit y Studies Manager, Dr Andrew Tong said: "The abit y to easily produce a concentrate containing 0.3-0.4%cobalt from T hack a ring a ore, using predomi ately gravity separation, is an important first step in determining the economic via b wty of the project.A low-cost concentrate pathway to reduce the mass by 80%, and stil retain over 90% of the cobalt, is essential to delivering a higher grade feed to the reiner y.This stands in contrast to other cobalt projects where options are lii ted for upgrading the run-of-mine ore prior to metallurgical processing e.g.late rites.”

A conceptual schematic of the commercial pi ant concentrate circuit is shown in the following graphic.The aim is to treat 5 MTPAoforeandproduce1MTPA of concentrate, with a cobalt recovery of 90-95%.The concentrate step wll produce a feed material containing~0.4%cobalt, which wil be forwarded to an onsite refinery for production of cobalt sulphate.

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